We’re not here to belittle your design, make things awkward or deliver a laundry list of “you should do it this way”.


We’re here to help ensure your website is one of the most valuable tools your brand has to leverage and attract more business. And when your website isn’t acting on your behalf, making sales and generating leads while you’re asleep – then it might be time to see whats going wrong.

This is why we offer every client a free website critique. This website review includes a 30 minute analysis of your website and we gives you a full digest of feedback, suggestions and tips that can help you get your website to the next level!


Here are 4 main reasons you may need some honest feedback.


1. Maybe its been a few years since you’ve had a refresh.


The way your website looks is SO important, and people often neglect how aesthetics play into every aspect of your user experience. The bottom line is, your presentation makes the difference between hearing crickets and generating more sales.


What our critique will review:


Honest feedback on the site layout, including everything from font legibility, brand positioning on the site, informational hierarchy, media integrations and engagement. How do your visitors eyes navigate the site pages? What information are they ingesting primary, secondary, etc? Is your layout overwhelming and chaotic, or so simplistic that it leaves people feeling like they won’t learn anything of value?


2. You’re not ranking well on Google and you don’t know why.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is leveraging how Google, Yahoo and other engines rank websites based on authority and algorithm. And while it is a tricky beast to master, people TRUST what Google delivers in the results. And that is why being found online is so, very important to your brand.

It’s rarely ever an easy fix to get a site ranking, especially if the industry itself is highly competitive. For example, if you’re a new dentist – you’re likely nestled into a community of about 80 other dentists, who are all trying to get noticed and working to rank on Google. Because of how competitive and saturated the community is, it’s going to take a little more elbow grease and creative problem solving to get better results on Google for Dr. Tooth, than it would for – lets say, Ms. Monica who is in the best person on the east coast when your harmonica needs tuned.


What our critique will review:


Taking a look at your website from a SEO perspective, we will give you a rundown of some basic things you can do to leverage a better rapport between you and Google!


3. Users are not taking the time to engage with your website.


Users want the be engaged within a few seconds when they visit a website. They want their curiosity stimulated and to know that the page they’ve landed on is a trusted resource. Without those two criteria being met, they are going to bounce right back to the search results.

There are buckets of reasons why someone would choose to leave your site in a hurry, including a lack of clear direction, clunky design, hard to read or overbearing text, etc. All of these things compact down to making visitors feel frustrated.


What our critique will review:


Offering insight on how to better engage and manage visitors, we will provide you with some pointers that are backed by design principles to help keep them around a little longer, consuming more of your content.


4. You’re not generating leads.


You’re the best at what you do. You have tons of clients who trust you, rave about your product or service and help your business grow – one referral at a time. But what about all the web traffic you’re getting? Why aren’t those visitors converting into new inquiries?

Your website isn’t just a digital business card, it has a very distinct job to do. And thats DELIVER new business, consistently – by encouraging visitors to get excited and take action! Fill out this form! Call us to chat! Signup for our newsletter! Just, start a conversation with us so we can open up a dialogue about where we fit together.

Don’t leave users to wander around your website in the hopes that they will get in touch, maybe – eventually. Be proactive in building that relationship.


What our critique will review:


Reviewing your site with lead generation in mind, we’re going to take all of the information we’ve collected – from UI/UX, content, functionality, etc – and give you some tips on how to improve your leads and inquiries.


So. How we feeling – overwhelmed or energized? Or maybe you’re just ready to take advantage of our offer?

The only thing we need to get started is your name, email and the website you want us to take a peek at. After that, we will take your website thru our analysis and get a report back to you! No upsell, no gimmick, no canned responses – just an honest look at your site and some feedback from one passionate community memeber to the next. Scouts honor.