Small Town, Big Heart Program

We’re looking to bolster our community in any way possible, starting with you.

When it comes to the growth and stability of destination districts, it’s no secret that aesthetics play an important role in cultivating foot traffic and community interaction.

Our Small Town, Big Heart Program is structured to help you make the best impression in 2018. With services that include signage, window graphics, hand lettering, branding, digital marketing and strategy – LovelyPixels is here to help you get street smart.

Partnering with Businesses, Non-Profits & Organizations
“We’d like business owners to walk away more empowered when it comes to making critical decisions about their brand presence. From helping the DIY’ers by educating them on the possibilities and ROI that comes from brand consistency, to the shop that wants to just have someone else coordinate and lead on every step - our end goal is simply to help downtown business thrive.”
What problems do you need addressed?
Brand awareness? Store branding? Digital marketing?

Maybe your space isn’t inviting. Maybe you’re experiencing lack luster engagement online. Maybe you’re experiencing no engagement online! Is it a brand issue? Gaps in customer retention? Lack of proper tools to attract and convert prospects into brand ambassadors? Are you a non-profit that lives and dies by the contributions of your community but is struggling to get in front of people?

Each dilemma outlined above has an appropriate and affordable solution that boils down to connecting with the right people, creative implementation and realistic follow through. We partner with small businesses and entrepreneurs everyday to help them elevate their overall exposure and identify essential areas for growth.


Who is eligible?
You, you and yes - you!

If you own a shop, business or organization in Martinsburg, you qualify.

Our downtown is filled with entrepreneurs that utilize co-op and off-street offices so even if you do not have a physical brick and mortar on main street, we can help your business grow with digital services that address gaps in customer retention and engagement by helping them navigate more effective websites, social media and sales cycles.

So, Now You're Curious.
Curious enough to reach out tho?

We start each partnership with an introduction over coffee (or beer – but we’ll leave that up to you). Tell us about your business and show us your hustle.

Submit a Project Brief

• On-site Brand Analysis and Consultation to Discuss Ideas, Areas of Improvement and Overall Aesthetic Challenges


• Overall Marketing Health Check & Website Analysis


• Workshops for How to Reach Audiences and Drive More Traffic (including 10 things you can do right now, for FREE)


• 20% Off When You Bundle 2+ Services


• Support Services for Coordination of Production and Installation of All Work


• Lead Magnet Ideation and Implementation


• Marketing Automation Services


• Retail Strategy, Customer Lifecycle and Retention Services 



Our custom tailored services and meet-ups are led by local movers and shakers, designers and professionals to help retail shops, restaurants and street-side businesses identify and execute cost effective changes that help them thrive.


What can a participant expect to get out of these services? 

Whether you’re a property owner that is considering improvements to make tenants more successful, or your a business owner who needs help visualizing a fully branded space and storefront, we want to be a resource for your business growth.

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