Nonprofit Reproductive Health Foundation Rebrands Online Presence through Pro-Bono Services Offered by LovelyPixels

Graphic design studio, LovelyPixels, completes a new website design for Global Innovations for Reproductive Health and Life (GIRHL), a non-profit organization established in 2010 with a goal to provide medical materials and services to struggling reproductive health facilities around the world.

As part of their pro-bono for nonprofits initiative, LovelyPixels, a graphic and web design studio located in Martinsburg, WV, recently completed and revealed a site update for a leading international non-profit client aiming to provide quality reproductive health services across the globe.

“We were really excited when Global Innovations for Reproductive Health and Life ‘s (GIRHL) President and Co-Founder Ali Borazjani contacted us to redesign his foundations website. His organization had worked hard at generating quality web content and marketing materials that would describe their projects and mission as a non-profit outreach to pregnant women in undeveloped countries. All the pieces were there to create a great website; Ali just needed a company to help push the website into a more professional package,” says Jessica Knipe, Owner and Lead Graphic Designer of LovelyPixels.

The donated website was completed at zero cost to the organization and totaled close to $1,900 worth of design work and training sessions.

In order to save GIRHL from needing continued support for basic website functionality, LovelyPixels offered indepth website training with their pro-bono service. This gave LovelyPixels the opprotunity to create a state-of-the-art website for GIRHL that they can maintain on their own.

“The bottom line for nonprofits is always putting money where it is most effective,” says Knipe. “Even though marketing is absolutely necessary for the organization, the funds are definitely better spent on saving lives.”

According to Knipe, a major part of being a nonprofit of this magnitude is using an organization’s website and marketing materials as a way to create awareness and provide information. This awareness then helps generate grants and donations through government and private funding, used for critically needed medical equipment and supplies.

Key features of the new GIRHL website include integrated contact forms for easy communication, an active donate page that directly links to the organizations PayPal account for transferring funds and responsive web code and design to ensure the website performs optimal on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

LovelyPixels added pro-bono services after observing that some of the smallest organizations have the largest messages, and therefore deserve a attractive, clear and current website to attract a global audience. Non-profits in need of custom-designed logos or complete website overhauls are encouraged to fill out and submit the LovelyPixels pro-bono application to determine eligibility and rates.

“It has truly been a pleasure working with the team at LovelyPixels. Based on previous experiences, I was not expecting the design process to move forward so smoothly. However, the talent at LovelyPixels proved otherwise. Jessi’s ability to visualize and understand exactly what her clients are looking for resulted in a website that was just as we envisioned.

In addition, LovelyPixels provided us with valuable expert feedback regarding website optimization and maintenance. We are grateful for their contribution to GIRHL and we are certain that their service will have a significant impact on our ability to fulfill our mission.”

-Ali Borazjani, President and Co-Founder of Global Innovations for Reproductive Health and Life (GIRHL)

To learn more about Global Innovations for Reproductive Health and Life, visit them on the web at