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Brochure Design

Brand. Attract. Interact.

Is your brochure helping or hurting your company? A brochure is just as important as a business card when it comes to introducing your company. A good brochure provides opportunities to do a little bit of bragging and shamelessly present your credentials while letting your customers know why you do it differently.

From brochures to rack cards, LovelyPixels has a variety of printing and finishing options for every budget and marketing channel that will promote your brand and interact with your audience. Let us help you stand out.

  • Creative Die Cuts
  • Rack Cards & Flyers
  • Booklets
  • Tri-Fold Brochure Design
  • Product Slicks
  • Custom Folders
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LovelyPixels’ team consists of senior talent and collaborative partnerships that are flexible to you. Your customers are either tuning in or tuning out and our only goal is to develop authentic, quality design work that establishes a connection with your audience.

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