Project Description

The Martinsburg Hub cultivates an instant connection between progress and elevated opportunity for small businesses in Martinsburg, WV. For members and those who have immersed themselves in the ideology of the co-op work space, the benefits are obvious.

The culture itself bolsters opportunity for entrepreneurs to grow without feeling isolated or restricted. A refreshing resource for any small business or digital nomad.

So how do you carry such a encompassing aesthetic and energy into a digital brand?


As with any website development, addressing a variety of business challenges is the forefront of the digital branding experience. But, we have to admit that this particular web design came rather naturally; a brand had already been established, they simply needed a way to expand their exposure to the digital community.



  • Exhibit the diversity and flexibility of memberships and resources.
  • Maintain industry neutrality, ensuring every business integrates into the grander ideology; offering space for business success and interaction.
  • Make memberships, spaces and cafe easily accessible through integrated functions such as online reservations, events, menus and membership options.
  • Ensure a consistent message of community and business support which are the founding principles of the community-focused workspace.
  • Provide continual analysis, inbound marketing and consultation services


    The website design process with LovelyPixels has truly been a collaborative and brand partnership effort on every level.

    We needed a website that would elevate our digital presence and help us better communicate with our members, community and prospects. LovelyPixels stepped in to take lead on designing our website, ensuring to capture our brand and promote the culture that we stand for.

    – Andrew Johnson



Client: The Martinsburg Hub

Skills: Photography, Web Development, WordPress, CSS, HTML, PHP, Web Design, Marketing, Print Design, Campaign Development

Release Date: January 2017