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Development Authority of Berkeley County | A Brand That Connects

It’s no secret that the physical landscape, demographics and economics of Berkeley County, West Virginia is growing and thriving from its revitalization efforts over the past few years. With a focus on encouraging new businesses to locate to the area, the Development Authority of Berkeley County (DABC) recognized the need for brand progression that matched the pace of the county.



Historically Connected

Martinsburg, WV has been a central hub for economic growth and trade since 1842. Connecting the boundary between North and South during the Civil War and acting as the link to the agricultural Midwest, the B&O Railroad set the foundation for what currently sits in and passes through Berkeley County.



Connecting History Through Messaging.

As a partner in education and business development, DABC is a resource to the community in many ways similar to that of the B&O Railroad in the 19th century.

Acting as a connector of commerce, DABC lays the tracks to support a thriving quality of life in the community and promote positive, longterm difference for the local economy. Playing on these historical references to local landmarks and incorporating modern aesthetics, the new brand merges minimalist iconography, traditional seal balance and historical tribute to the locomotive industry that enabled progress.


“There are a vast amount of critical components when it comes to rebranding an organization that already has a prominent audience in the local market. Carefully considering a new direction – while respecting the company’s history and philosophy as they transition for growth and enhance core messaging in the years to come – is a balancing act that can often intimidate,” says Jessi, Owner of LovelyPixels.



Listening | Initial Discoveries

Starting with a discovery session, the Development Authority of Berkeley County voiced pivotal concerns that they wanted to address with their new brand direction. Those being:

  • Focus on the core theme of connection. Supporting community entities, partnering with educational institutions, connecting resources to people, and growth to community.
  • Ensure brand flexibility across multiple platforms.
  • Change the focus away from the county’s proximity to larger metro areas, and instead concentrate on local infrastructure and people.
  • Incorporate a balanced mix of modern aesthetics and small town feel to mimic the European mindset of success in business and lifestyle that comes from having a strong focus on quality of life, thriving community and opportunity.

“It was natural and all the more fitting for us to collaborate with LovelyPixels on the rebranding for DABC. Part of DABC’s core is their expertise and ability to connect community members to one another, and we knew that through our collaboration, DABC’s vision and needs would be better expressed in the end-direction that we guided them to.

It’s always a treat when like-minded and like-hearted folks get to work together on something. I know I speak for all of us, when I say that we’re excited for not only for the new growth and energy that we’ve seen recently within our community, but also for the new visual direction we’ve helped guide DABC to, to further express the incredible services and people behind them,” says Laurel Webster, of Hersick+Webster.

Delivery | Branded Solutions

Using inspiration from the overarching history of the area and the organization to shape their future, the logo can be broken down into a few core principles. Focusing on iconography that represents the area’s diversity in rural landscape, historical features, developmental growth and infrastructure, we opted for modern line art to carry the balance between elements. All elements interconnect with continual flow, representing the interaction of those elements on a community level and accenting the classical feel of an emblem.

Addressing the psychological influences of color theory to reinforce the core messaging of the brand, we selected a primary color palette of green and blue. Blue representing the fundamentals of confidence, stability and trust that DABC radiates, and green signifying harmony, growth and ambition of the community.


“This logo provides greater clarity of the mission of the Development Authority of Berkeley County,” says Sandy Hamilton. “We embrace our history, engage in our present opportunities, and are excited for our future. We deliberately strive to benefit the business and citizen community, in a balanced manner.”

Client: Development Authority of Berkeley County

Skills: Branding, Marketing, Print Design and Social Graphics

Release Date: June 2018

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