Brix 27

Brix 27 | A Brand You Can Sip With

Martinsburg’s own Brix 27 has quietly soft-opened it’s doors, adding to the charm and growing bustle of downtown destinations. Housed in the completely renovated space originally known as M. Cohen & Son, a well-known women’s clothing store, the building itself dates back to 1917 and has been a staple of downtown business for a hundred years.

Brix 27 offered a challenge in brand immersion by towing the line of sophistication, balanced with casual tone and creature comforts that both excite and entice. While the style of culinary and wine exploration that Brix 27 offers is popular in surrounding cities, it is truly the first of its kind for downtown Martinsburg, WV.

“We really wanted the brand to be simplistic for the most part, allowing the variety of culinary color, interior design work and atmosphere to lead the way. The black tones and simplistic line art, paired with pops of spice orange, help elevate the otherwise monochromatic identity.” – Jessi Knipe



An Identity That is as Flavorful as the Experience.

From the beginning, the aim of Brix 27 was twofold: to cultivate a community of conversation, where people are naturally enticed to be present with one another, and to deliver an elevated, local dining experience that focused on the art of tasting, pairing and sharing. With the buildings history being a cornerstone of the brand, we chose to play on vintage flare to accent the brand, paired with a worn and timeless texture.

With subtle and simplified brand elements that tie into the buildings birth just before the era of prohibition, a limited color palette and a robust amount of texture within the space, the brand offers a subtle diversity that tows the line between fine dining and “fun dining” as Toby calls it.



Taste. Pair. Share.

More than just a slogan, these three words embody the core of Brix 27’s three touchpoints. The act of tasting, and subsequently the enjoyment of wine discovery. Pairing wine with dishes to explore the tantalizing ways your tastebuds interpret and modify flavors when introduced to one another. And sharing, because we believe that life is more flavorful, enjoyable and meaningful when you are sharing in the experience with your loved ones.



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Client: Brix 27

Skills: Branding, Marketing, Print Design, Campaign Development, Web Development, WordPress, CSS, HTML, PHP, Web Design

Release Date: January 2018