Chef Staib Spice Collection Package Design

Package & Label Design

Packaging that Speaks

Whether your displaying your products on a retail shelf or your an ecommerce business that connects with your customers through direct shipping, LovelyPixels will do brand and market research to ensure your package design stands out.

In addition to creating eye catching product packaging, we also thrive on creating various labels, tags and bags that are tailored to you.

  • Labels
  • Ecommerce Shippers
  • Bags
  • Specialty Diecut Packaging
  • Product Tags
  • Retail Packaging
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LovelyPixels’ team consists of senior talent and collaborative partnerships that are flexible to you. Your customers are either tuning in or tuning out and our only goal is to develop authentic, quality package design and other work that establishes a connection with your audience.

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Let us help you create the perfect packaging for your product or marketing project.

We specialize in cross channel branding that promotes, displays and protects.

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