Janice, your top sales agent is consistently upset with the quality of leads being generated by the marketing department. And you tend to agree.


Your marketing team does not understand your sales team, your sales team doesn’t understand your product development team, and your product development team is completely segregated from your marketing team. There are gaps all over the place, and you – the owner, are frustrated at every corner. So how can you realign your company cores and increase efficiency?

Holistic Marketing is when a business takes a strategic look at the entire business as a system, and not individual departments that work independently of one another. This include alignment of common goals, resource development, process placement and how information is passed throughout these core teams. A holistic approach allows the entire business to be a well oiled machine that provides clear direction and results for the brand.

Attracting New Business


We market our businesses to generate leads and start conversations, and a holistic marketing plan is no different. Taking into account every marketing channel that makes sense for your business model, client and scalable needs – it will help ensure a process is in place to turn visitors into leads, leads into customers and customers into brand ambassadors.


Most people get lost in the strategy portion of their marketing plan, which leaves them lacking focus. One month they are solely doing social media, while the next they may be investing more in their blog, and then on to the next big shiny object. With a holistic approach, we’re going to focus on bringing every channel into view and layout out a diverse plan that taps into every channel consistently, helping each department need be met, and move forward together.

Think Efficiency

When your company has resources in place that back the overall process, clarifying the direction for each internal role and new customer – you’re going to be more efficient. Not more meetings to plan what needs to be done, no more conversations around what resources are available – because your teams know what is expected of them and the marketing that the marketing thats been implemented provides the best results for the brand.

Absolute Alignment

When common goals and visions are aligned in every aspect, not just marketing, there is a vibration of harmony that settles into place. Where synergy can thrive and more gets done.

Smarter Business

Accompanying better resource development and better focus on marketing spending and channels, means that you’re able to predict results, maximize ROI and reduce unnecessary spending across the board.

So whats the first step in creating a holistic marketing plan?

Know your customer personas! Concentrate on developing marketing resources and deliverables that attract and communicate the needs of your ideal customer. Gather your team, discuss the possibilities and figure out where internal pivots can be made to align your business for higher returns, and most importantly – a happier working environment.

Make some notes.Then bring them to your first meeting with LovelyPixels!