When we sit down with small business owners, our conversations usually circle around one, core topic. And thats the competition. They are commonly stuck in the loop of comparison and questioning everything. “How do they have so much more business than I do? I wish I would have thought of that. That website they just launched is just GRAND.”


If any of the above mantra seems familiar to you – then you, my friend, have a serious case of brand envy. It isn’t pretty, and it isn’t going to go away on its own accord.


Let’s Start With the WHY of Your Envy.


Take two deep breaths. Or maybe six. Redirect your focus off of your competition and center it back on you. Your drives. Your motives. Your standout differences. Your process. Your product. Your quality. The toxic inner voice of comparison has no place at your desk, so renew your focus and do a deep dive on what you have direct control over.


Ready for the BIG Secret?


Your competitors are more than likely NOT doing better than you. Doesn’t that feel better?


90% of the clients we help with branding and marketing strategy simply feel like they’re losing to the competition because they PERCEIVE that everyone else is doing better. The reality of it is that they have the same issues you do. They are losing clients, constantly looking for new business, leaving money on the table when it comes to upsetting and possibly a complete disaster when it comes to internal operations.


So, What Can You Do?


It’s really simple. It boils down to leveraging a brand strategy that many entrepreneurs, small business and leaders fail to do. If you do it, even imperfectly to begin with – you will be ahead of most of your competition. And when you get really good at it, you’ll have your competitors green with envy. Here’s how you flip the script:


• Be strategic in your presentation. Don’t just have your favorite nephew put together some hodge-lodge graphics for your social media. Really focus on what branded content that engages can do for your company (and don’t forget to keep it consistent).


• Diversify your reach by focusing on marketing channels that make sense for your target market AND your budget! If you facilitate luxury yacht vacation packages that average $100k, you’re going to waste marketing dollars by advertising on Facebook, where your “ideal client” likely never spends any of their time. 


• Look for the opportunity. You’re in business for a reason, so act like it! Don’t wallow in comparing yourself when you could be simply finding the niches they’re not fulfilling, and bridge the gaps within your community.


• Dig deep on a full scale marketing strategy that gets your brand in on the action!


What Now?

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