Non-profits typically have a similar agenda when it comes to what they stand for : community change. They want to inspire and motivate people with a powerful mission. In order to do that, they need to make sure every dollar spent is getting them a worthy return.


LovelyPixels began as a predominately non-profit promoter, donating our design and marketing services to local and global organizations, helping them put their best foot forward when working towards obtaining grants or locally focused support. In many ways, community organizations require more marketing attention than a small business, requiring everything from branding to website development to promote fundraising and participation. Another major part of what we do is help them make the connections that bolster their success. This style of marketing is best know as Cause Marketing.


Cause Marketing, In a Nutshell.


Cause marketing is simply coming up with a mutually beneficial agreement with local, for-profit businesses. A great example of this is a recent collaboration between MiBurg and LovelyPixels to help promote local artists and businesses for #WhyListen, a public First Listen Music Party that was hosted by WV Public Broadcasting in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.


MiBurg, a local community website, was asked to connect with local businesses, artists, organizations and non-proifts to help co-promote the event. Through the distribution of flyers and collecting local “swag” to give away to patrons who attended the event, we co-created a great local support and promotional system for everyone involved, for free.


Cause marketing styles come in many different formats, but there is one thing that is certain: it goes beyond being financially rewarding and carries its weight in gold as a marketing and exposure tool for your organization.

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