In addition to running LovelyPixels, Jessica Knipe also serves as Design & Marketing Manager for PSI, a custom packaging company that services the mid-atlantic region. Over the course of two years, Jessi has lead the company in a total re-branding transformation that included a complete overhaul of the company’s website, print materials, internal documents and sales resources.

“Packaging Services Industries (PSI) is an incredibly diverse company with expansive capabilities and high profile clients. The challenge set in with creating an image for the company that promoted their products and services on a level that could compete far better than the competition and really focus on the user experience of every print and web piece” says Jessi, Marketing & Design Manager for PSI

Website Redesign


First and foremost, we wanted to get a respectable web presence. When I looked over the company’s old website, I found multiple errors in user experience. The core content of the company seemed to be buried behind 4+ links, and then the scope of the information put forth was dry and minimal. Overall, the entire site needed to be rethought and expanded to cover the diversities of the company and establish an overall branding that would be carried throughout the other marketing materials.


“In addition to redesigning the website, the only form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that PSI was actively using was link building services via ThomasNet. Organic search results were showing incredibly high bounce rates due to broken links from ThomasNet, contacts via the website were scarce and overall analytics were in poor condition.”

The new website has truly been transformed into a valuable marketing tool for PSI’s internal and external sales representatives. Website traffic and organic search has risen by over 67% in the past year (and continues to grow with the website). The average bounce rate is down by roughly 83% and people are investing more time thumbing through the website content.

Website features that were added include interactive digital magazines, a blog, comprehensive resources sections for the general public, employee login areas for Sales Representatives to retrieve marketing materials on the go, integrated email-blast forms for team members to send notifications to customers and team members, case studies and much more.

Client Photography

Product Photography

Another way to help reinforce branding is to unify the photography of your products to be uniform. Many of the photos that the company had to use for promotion were outdated and low resolution, with poor lighting. Quality products need to be showcased with quality photos.

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