Let’s face it, the world of digital and content marketing is never ending and always expanding. There are stacks of options, a variety of measurement tools, and a plethora of sub-culture marketing genres (guerilla or “attack” marketing, micro-moments, disruptive, content, social media, etc).

Marketing can be completely overwhelming for a small business or a side-hustler. Here are our top three reasons your marketing is chaotic, and what to do about it.



You Don’t Have a Content Strategy.

I talk about the importance of strategy all the time, especially on our blog.  In the world of sales, more than half of the people buying products or services start their research online, taking the route of self-educating and exploring on their own prior to reaching out to a specialist or asking questions.

Your job is to inspire, impact and educate your audience, and the easiest way to do that is with quality content. But if you don’t have a strategy, you are going to constantly feel like you are treading water.

Take the time to establish your topics, setting monthly and quarterly goals that tie in with holidays, services, products and industry themes. Getting creative in your writing will maximize exposure and engagement.


See our “Cultivating a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy” series for an in-depth look at building your marketing plan.



Your Marketing is a Two-Trick Pony.

Marketing is so diverse that if you’re not taking full advantage of measuring and captivating your audience in more than 2 or 3 channels, you are casting a very narrow net into a very wide lake.

Not only will you have incredibly limited exposure, but doing the same things over and over can be predictable and tiring, which in turn will fail to completely engage your audience.



Your Marketing Cycle Ends When You’ve Closed the Sale.

If the end of your sales process is “close the sale, dust your hands off and immediately move onto the next prospect” – you are ignoring some major steps in cultivating loyal customers (and after all, that’s what marketing is all about).

With today’s technology and the copious amounts of data that is collected across every platform of social media, it is easier than ever to engage and maintain an authentic connection with your clients. Creating custom strategies that go beyond pitching a new sale will help you turn your customers into promoters, helping you continually grow.



Whether your marketing is completely chaotic or simply needs some fine-tuning, we have tons of resources available, just for you. Contact us today for a casual consultation.