Let’s face it. When you want results, you want them immediately.



Especially when it comes to your businesses’ survival. Marketing is one of the cornerstones of any successful business, but yet – it seems to continually be something that owners spend on absolutely last (if at all). And sometimes, depending on how adventurous someone wants to get – they find ways to tackle their own digital marketing.


But when can cutting corners on your digital marketing lead to disaster?


Buying Facebook Likes


Everyone wants large scale following. We put extremely high social value into how many followers a business or brand has. But, what happens when you buy those followers? Can it actually hurt you in the long run? The answer is yes.

• People are not easily tricked by big numbers. If your page has 10k likes, but your average post only garnishes interactions from a handful of people – its going to throw big red flags in your brands credibility.


• How do you know who you’re truly talking to? The power of big data today in marketing is pivotal to a healthy and stable digital strategy. When you buy a bulk list of “real likes” – you’re completely ruining your data pools. From what your audience is interested in, where they live, where they shop, what times of the day they are interacting with you – the list goes on and on.


Neglecting Your Websites Conversion Rates


It’s no secret that research shows having a bad website can ultimately hurt your business. Nowadays, just having a website isn’t a good enough strategy. It has to give a viewer confidence that you know what you’re doing. And regardless of how great you are – if your online presence doesn’t reflect your values and experience, you are leaving money on the table!


• Your website should have a very clear purpose and intent that forms the design and content of the pages. Otherwise, it will feel like a dumping zone that otherwise confuses customers and renders your digital footprint ineffective.


• Your content should be well written, in a tone that is true to your brand. This alone can make or break a website experience, and should be taken as seriously as your logo development.


• Don’t ignore how closely related psychology and design are! Everything down to choice of color sends messaging to your visitors. In The Psychology of Design, we talk about how design is way more than just intuition and god-given skill. The truth is – your path to an effective web design needs to be guided by process, research and understanding human behavior.


Ignoring the 80/20 Rule in Content Marketing


We get it. You’re excited to tell the world about your business and what you do. But you need to resist the urge to make your content strategy all about you!

Think about all of the content you generate for your website, the blogs, and even the weekly social media posts you produce – always apply the 80/20 rule. 80% of your content being hyper-focused on your clients, and 20% centered on promoting your business.

• Start by brain dumping all of the topics you want to talk about in on social media and your website. Think in terms of the work you do, the clients you support, industry trends, etc.


• Don’t forget to take into account what your individual customer journey looks like. Once you have a foundational view of how a client finds and buys from you – you can replicate content that will bolster more business by supporting them thru that journey.


• Map out a quarterly calendar that will focus in on what type of content you post or publish. By keeping a formal marketing calendar, you ensure you don’t focus too much on one subject and deliver consistent value.


What Now?

Where can your brand afford a little TLC? Make some notes, along with a wish list.

Then bring them to your first meeting with LovelyPixels!